µchan beta - FAQ

µchan is a modern take on internet messaging board software.

This is a demo site for it, and it's updated regularly with new features.

Post formatting

There is basic support for formatting:

Start a line with single or double hashes (#) to create headers.
Use single understores to emphasise text and double underscores to make text bold.
Surround code with [code] and [/code] and spoilers with [s] and [/s].
Create strike-trough text with double tildes (~), like so.

Deleting posts

You can delete a post if you supplied a password when posting.
To delete a post, check the checkbox next to it, fill in your password at the bottom of the page, and press Delete.

Reporting posts

To report a post, check the checkbox next to it and press the Report button at the bottom of the page. The moderators of the board will see the report and do the appropriate action.

Creating a board

Go to [mod] at the top right to register as a moderator, and create a new board at the [mod boards] page.

Managing reports

The [mod reports] screen shows all reports that are made for the boards that you moderator. Either clear the report, remove the image from the post, or remove the whole post.

Managing moderators

Moderators with the full_permission tag can add and remove moderators from that board, and change the tags of moderators.
There are currently 3 permissions:
Full permission: Change the roles of other moderators, add and remove moderators.
Janitor: Manage reports, remove posts, request bans.
Config: Change the board configuration.

View the moderator log

The moderator log can be viewed by clicking the [View log] link at the modify board page.